Monday, March 18, 2013

Architecture Styles of Italy - Implementing Decor Into Your Home

If you've ever been to Italy then without a shadow of a doubt you've not only fallen in love with the country, but the architecture too! The architecture in Italy is stunning and eye-catching, to say the least. From iron to brick, and other elements, architectural pieces that are either from Italy or are replicas from the country remind us of the enchanting country. All of these pieces also look beautiful in a home. If you're in need of some inspiration on what pieces to add to your home for the spring time, then look no further than some of these ideas mentioned below and images of Italy.

Once you can envision your home with similar elements, not only will you want to visit Italy to see it for yourself, but you'll want to stay at Tuscany villa rentals in Italy where you'll be able to experience this gorgeous architecture up close. Plus, you will have the desire to redecorate you home and find architectural pieces from Just a Bed of Roses (yes, we have them in our shop too), to decorate your interior conveniently.



Viewing brick and pillars in Italy will make you feel like you're a part of a grand piece of history. When you decorate your home with brick and other architectural pieces, you can bring Italy to your home. Arches and pillars are a great way to bring some Italian flair to your interiors. Place select pieces on your patio or in your garden depending upon the look you are trying to achieve. It will look outstanding! 

Authentic vintage pieces are usually just as affordable as reproduction pieces. Take a Saturday drive and explore the country roads, farmhouse sales, and local shops. There are also antique shows in Italy that you will want to experience as well. 

Remember that even though you may not be able to visit Italy right away, you can create a home that's Italy themed that will look beautiful. Make your garden space inviting and full of architectural pieces that catch your eye. Decorate your interior with vintage pieces that remind you of your travels. When the time is right, head to Italy yourself and enjoy staying at a romantic villa while exploring the countryside! You'll perhaps find some vintage pieces and more that you can bring home with you.

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