Wednesday, March 20, 2013

shopping on facebook

Do you do Facebook?
friend us: just a bed of roses
if so.
Many times we show
what is new in the shop.

I bought this the other day for my
side entry which is next to our kitchen,
which happens to be a lighter shade of
green than this.
 A 1920's ice box from Ward Co.
The purple bottles and granitware
too are from the same era.

Kara Elmore on facebook was selling it.
It's fun to have facebook friends,
hope you join us, let us know for a
10% discount on an item of your choice
next time you visit.
(unless it's already on sale).

This grouping is just across from the icebox,
the old Hendrix birdcage is from the same era also.
(my husband loves crocks)

Spring cleaning:
Our back room will be open again ( Friday
and through April) 
organized into 5 and 10 dollar boxes,
some one dollar.
Easter is on sale
among other things.

1 comment:

Mimi Sue said...

Love that old cabinet. Is it an icebox? Gorgeous patina.