Tuesday, July 31, 2012

That's all folks!

mama's tractor
in the
Ogden 24th Parade

July 31st brings us to the end of
 Americana 101

It was fun being patriotic the whole month

a Papa's tractor

and more
and more
and more

On the 24th my youngest son was coming to pick up his dad and go to the parade in Ogden,
a tradition when my four children were babes
only sometimes
I sent Mr. roses
and stayed home in the peace.

but then we quit
for a good reason...

Horses. Horses and more Horses.
not that we don't like horses
it's just the fabulous floats we were
spoiled with in our younger days
just never showed up.

I emailed 3 friends the night before and said that no matter
what I was NOT going to the parade.

Little did I know...

Morning of the 24th
8:00 a.m.
our daughter/husband and 4 children come walking in.

Middle son/wife and baby were next.

Then Oldest son/wife and 2 children.
all from out of town.

Youngest son was so busy speeding
to get here first,
he got pulled over
arrived last.

How could I not go???
complete suprise
pulled off perfectly.

It was a little rainy
but so nice to be with my family,
all of them
even if the parade was
D_ _ b.

Someone suggested a tailgate lunch
Burger bar in Roy
How easy was that?
No fussing over fancy
salads and desserts
or even going to the grocery store.
Oh those greasy deep fried
onion rings and mushrooms

what I am really saying is
isn't the spur of the moment
some of the
best of times?
You do it
you know what I man.

will remember
the parade of July 2012
the year my family got me back...
going again
thank you.
(i'm on to you all now)

It was so nice today
as we watched one of our grandchildren
taking in her swim lessons.
she waved
and posed for photo's.

And because I am a shopkeeper
who follows the law
quarterly sales taxes got mailed today!

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