Sunday, July 8, 2012

Americana...freedom of speech

What her customers and I have been waiting for!

Robyn has tried and tested: 
8 week menu planner for a family of 4
based on her 12 steps to whole foods book.
Costing $100.00 weekly for your healthy food budget.
proof you CAN AFFORD to eat healthy
have all the BENEFITS of health.

She calls it Dummy proof
means it should be easy to do and follow.
I find eating healthy is much easier
than not, mainly there is less ingredients in healthy.

Robyns life mission:
to take back from my arch enemy
the Standard American diet.

If you click on her website from the sidebar here
it will take you to her website where you can read all the details (click on shop to find book for now it's in it's launch phase) and receive a $5.00 off till the end of July.

Also...Robyn has been discussing on her blog about
hormones and thyroid
you will find this very informative.
Although I have done synthetic and bio-identical
hormones, I do not believe in them, I believe in
natural medicine.
Wish I knew about natural medicine before
taking synthetics for 20 years.
We need to be educated as to what we put
into our bodies.
(this is my opinion according to my study).

I read and follow the book 12 steps to whole foods
and HIGHLY recommend it.

 Robyn is Utah based, I bet you'll have her
book in ONE DAY!

I'm ordering mine now.

where we have the freedom to be what we want to be
and live how we want to live.
to own our own business' if we chose.

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