Thursday, November 10, 2011

Top 10 Wall Art Ideas for Your Home

If you’re doing a home remodel or simply need to implement a change for a more modernized appeal within a room in your home, it’s hard to know where to start. Knowing which direction to go can be accomplished by understanding all of the available themes for an interior. There are many different types of wall art to incorporate into a stylish home. Which room flawlessly ties in an ideal type of wall art? Well, we’re about to answer these question to get you thinking and inspired.

1. A Lofty Approach

Do you have a loft in your home? Rich tones and luxurious fabrics are perfect to add to a lofted bed. Extra large wall art is appealing in a loft because it will take up a large portion of the wall in the loft. The large wall art will pop as a focal point and look ravishing in your space.

2. Neutral Influences

Neutral shades are a lovely addition to any room. Renaissance wall art usually comes in neutral shades as do European tapestries. Find wall art in beige, white, and grays that seamlessly fits into a classic master bedroom.

3. Fit for a Queen

Think lush and romantic colors with a theme that features art such as courtship and romance wall art. A wooden bed frame also adds to a stately look.
4. Romancing the Room

Want more of a fairy tale appeal with lace, flowy curtains, and a gauzy canopy? Incorporate shades of pink, beige, or light blue. Decorative designs for wall art will not take away from the overall look but create a stunning decorative backdrop.

5. A Hunter’s Forest

A hunter loves accents with wood influences and dark and intense hunting themes. Discover hunting wall art that features hunting scenes that will flawlessly fit into a hunter’s forest bedroom.

6. A Gilded Stroke

Stroke your bedroom with gold tones for a posh and sophisticated look that will woo you over. Bar and lounge wall art flawlessly blends into an elegant room that will make you feel like the jazz music scene while enjoying a glass of wine is coming alive.

7.  Add a Pop of Color

If you love color, find a brightly colored bedspread and a few other tones that will complement your interior. A chic look is bound to be found with oil paintings that incorporate beautiful colors from the sunset. 

8. Red Rebellion

Find hues that add a deep look to a verdant room. Red is luxurious and looks stunning. Perhaps canvas art with modern influences or a tropical silhouette is what you are envisioning.

9. Animal Intuition

Having a room decorated like a safari not only means you love to travel, but you have a vibrant and fun spirit as well. Accessorize with zebra print pillows, a leopard blanket, or both!

10. Eco Green

Building an eco-friendly room with environmentally friendly products will make you feel better for taking care of the earth and also you’ll be living in earthly bliss. City and country scene tapestries will fit in beautifully with the down-to-earth themes in a living room and more.

Bio: Sierra is a freelance writer who loves interior design. She enjoys finding wall art that fits with the perfect theme and suggests that you head over to Charlotte Home Furnishings to find stunning wall art and tapestries. Learn more about Sierra at her personal blog Ocean Dreams.

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