Sunday, November 13, 2011

COME all ye...

Thanksgiving is at our home today
(no not an invitation, don't show up)

Turkey shaped gingerbread cookies from Kneaders
(pies too)
Mr. Roses cooking all the stuff
(remember it's his idea to do this)
okay, I made the layered jello.

Have you ever tried ordering a Ham from
Amana, Iowa? oh my heck!
(ups can deliver in 2-3 days)

My three sons coming today
So I can get away with this...serving on pretty plastic
and they won't even care (or notice).
Their mama is happy to toss plastic right into the trash!
I have too many unpleasant memories
of Thanksgiving dishes since I come from a large
family and we always went to grandma's house.

At the shop we have wonder fall scarves
and jewelry
to wear to your Thanksgiving dinners
brought me some home and
my daughter in law will get some for her birthday.

Little granddaughters have Pinkalicious
and the pink pumpkin books awaiting them on the
antique double desk they love to sit at.

And a parting kick off the
2011 Christmas season.
Underneath the book is a package
of Oreo cookies with red peppermint filling.

after dinner relax to...
Mary Janes farm
Come all ye...
Bakers, crafters, quilters, cooks collectors

I love these two pages.
Mary Jane shows a family photo year 1955
and tenderly describes the presents.
It also shows her fathers money ledger from 1941
they paid $18.00 for a wringer washer
and get this...$100.00 for the singer sewing machine!

Featured inside:

Suzanne's article starts on this right side
Love the Wonder woman card next to her photo
with a TAB pop top
She  HAS BEEN Wonder woman pulling this shop
together with Nancy
working full time at Gibbs publishing.

Wonder WOMEN!

Have you been there?
corner of gentile/Main  North west side.

Peek inside Suzannes home see her antique collections
I didn't know she was such a lover of RED, did you?
The shop is also featured
and she tells how she feels about it all.

But I don't want to spoil the party
so I'll go...
(remember that song from the Beatles?)
and picking at the dinner before they arrive is
making me sleepy.
 you can pick up your copy
Dec/Jan 2011 issue
of Mary Janes farm!
found mine at Harmons

Knock Knock...Knock
babies to hug and love are here now!

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Anonymous said...

You are so lucky to have a hubby that cooks!! But I'm sure you know this already... and Thanksgiving is already over for you. I still have to shop tomorrow.... sheesh.