Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nations Tree lighting in New York tonight

Times have changed
Traditions go on...thankfully

Last week as I stood next to the Nations Christmas tree hidde
behind big banners/scaffolding as it was being
adorned in lighting and ornaments by many workers,
I thought back to this photo.

Tonight the tree lighting celebration begins on tv.

We will celebrate Tree Decorating at the shop by a sale:
10% off all ornaments
and we have MANY wonderful ornaments this year!
Our large trees are also on sale
we need them to go to a good home soon.

One main item on my list of things to do in New York
was see the Plaza at NBC studios
here it is, empty.
okay, just sayin' it's all smaller in real life,
the plaza,the studios
(any restroom in New York tiny)
Workers preparing for the next day inside.
Justin Beiber was due
The tents were lined up all over the place
for 2 days/nights in the POURING RAIN.
It rains cats and dogs.

Rain is a funny thing in New York.
You don't stop what your doing at all
 just pull out the umbrella
and carry on and I mean WALK.
Umbrella's at different levels everywhere bobbing.
Amazes me how that many people can go down a sidewalk
all with an umbrella without injury.

Across from the plaza you see this bakery everyday
on the today show:
Shellies husband plopped the children on the stools at the counter with big windows that over looks the plaza
 I kept telling them over and over
how special and famous this place was.
Surely they thought grandma was silly.
I think they were more interested in the
beautiful and delicious pastries set before them!

Tonight the famous Rockettes should perform

A vintage 1940's photo of the Rockettes
performing at Radio City Music Hall.

When they first came on stage to perform their
Christmas Spectacular
I cried.
Those legs
They had opened up the curtain partly and showed the
row of beautiful dancing legs
and I thought am I really seeing this live!

Rockette show is now more modern, appeals to the
new generation (and it's all okay)
 you have one of the best Santa's narrate
and at time put on 3-d glasses

Rockettes become Reindeer, toy soldiers, Santa's etc.

Show ended with one of the most spectacular live
nativities I have ever seen
Wasn't expecting a nativity and holy music I suppose.
But that is the real meaning of christmas
for kicking off the real meaning of Christmas

Don't miss out on our ornament sale!

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