Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Have yourself a merry little HANDMADE CHRISTMAS...

Christmas will be here soon...

Alex has binded vintage Christmas images for journaling.
Someone on your list will adore.

She has designed the most unique and funnest
tags for Christmas giving and decorating.
You'll love!

Alex loves Childrens books, she uses alot of creativity.
These are the Who's in Whoville sleeping on Christmas eve
Awesome tags Alex!

Traditional  Christmas tag bundles
You must come see the variety
that Alex and Joni have put together.
Like no other.

Maya brought in "pieces of art"  handmade bracelets, neclaces
watches in girlie girl and vintage coppers
reasonably priced, make the  loveliest gifts
You'll want to buy some for you
just warnin'

Didnt she do outstanding with her chandaleir style neclace
and earrings, they won't last a day,... I'm guessing,
Usually right!
Dainty as a princess

Red Christmas Jewelry by Maya  in antique style

How thoughtful... Maya brought in a jar of 4 berry jam right from
her garden with the prettiest tag dont you think?
Maya we love you already!
I would love you as customers to get familiar with her jewelry.
Notice how precious each piece is.
Jam delicious, thank you

Joni has ALWAYS been famous in my eyes for packaging
trinkets that go together for a unique gift
wouldn't you love to receive one?

Her cupie doll packaged so sweetly
imagine the face of the receiver and the memories
it will trigger.

I will show more this week, for some weird reason I took the pictures
and they didn't load.

Tags we have now in abundance for your holidays.
14 boxes just unpacked and will be on the floor Wednesday.
Perfect timing
 as we had a famous designor/decorator/shop owner from Calif. come in and kind of
wiped us out today.
She wanted more...but some things just aren't for sale!
She said I need to sell everything
Of course she is right
When I die!
We love her though and she's welcome anytime.

Remember ANYTHING PINK in shop is on sale 20% off
along with Aqua this week.

Come see Jonie's vintage Christmas gatherings
funnest gifts ever.

and lots of new mercury glass in gold, red, plums, silvers
Not just for Christmas.

Jayna has us filled with Vintage Key neclaces and some of her
funniest altered art neclaces ever.
She has filled a tree full of charm clusters
for those on your list.

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