Sunday, December 26, 2010

A note from SANTA CLAUS by Fanny 1945

Note: my little brother was afraid of strangers

We lived in a little log cabin
And down from the North somewhere
Santa rode in a sleigh, his reindeer--
team could travel on snow or air.

At Christmas he always found us,
and the chimney was never too small,
for the fat little cheeful old giver
to bring something good for us all.

One Christmas Eve just before bedtime,
little brother began to weep--
saying he didn't want Santa Claus
In our house while we were asleep.

"Could we hang our socks on the clothesline,"
He said, "It would be a much easier way,
Old Santa could drive up and fill them
Without even leaving his sleigh!

It would be so much cleaner and quicker,
with our dirt roof and chimney so small,'
and he said, "I have an idea, Santa Claus
Wouldn't mind at all."

So out on the clothesline the stockings
were hung, six of them all in a row,
and would you believe it, next morning
there were sleigh-runner tracks in the snow.

That Santa had scribbled and left there,
but in brother's sock was a note--
the stockings were bulging as always
and this is the message he wrote--

"I am the spirit of love little boy,
and I'd like to come into your house,
I'll promise you truly I'll do no harm,
And I'll be just as still as a mouse,--

"I can leave your things out on the clothesline
it would be just as easy for me--
But the spirit I bring should enter each home
boy all means at Christmas you see.

"So next Christmas Eve have your stockings inside
of me have no worry because--
my work little lad, is to make the world glad,
Merry Christmas, your friend Santa Claus.

by Fanny  1945

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