Saturday, October 3, 2009


Last night my daughter Shelliewarrenartblog posted her new shipments of Halloween SPoOKIes, scarey,check them out...her very haunted mansion is coming together eerily and creepy and besides her music is disneys Haunted mansion and graveyard music...that's worth it right there, my favorites! See how many days there are until Halloween...ha ha!

This morning at 6:00 a.m. I tried ANOTHER photo shoot of MY SPOoOoKIes on the front porch. Isn't it amazing how the creepy little rats just hit the porch railing looking like they are crawling on it?

Love this witch coming right for the front door...eeeeek! Dont you love the swirly metal piece behind her, love how that turned out.

We have a NEW shipment of these panels, hang from porches like this, hang from ceilings from metal rods, windows, doors and doorways, sometimes you just have to show a partial showing of these just a skeletons head etc. going fast...26.95 a panel, neat black lace. FOR THOSE WHO LIVE OUT OF TOWN for $30.00 plus tax I will ship next day to you! We do paypal or visa card on line.

Mr. Bed of roses has been painting the whole porch...well, it hides this years fly specks...and specks of years past... lets not get me hissing about that subject so early in the morning. In the country you wash & paint porches AFTER the freeze, lets not forget windows too!
To all my sweet customers who wouldn't hurt a know who you are...well, you haven't lived here! I'm the devil when it comes to hating flies. Love the country, hate the flies kind of gal.
The handmade jeweled spiders came in...oh my gosh...I didnt think they could get any better, but they did! Going fast fast as the new pretzels and caramel apples packaged in Halloween!

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