Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Special Angel was in our life...my other wing

Tonight I received the shop tags...along with my order came a wonderful suprise. Sherri had packaged up a very GENEROUS  amount of Humanitarian tags with 100% of the proceeds going to the Humanitarian work that Shellie is working on. We will sell these in the shop, each package just stunning as always. They are titled: As the purse is emptied the heart is filled.
I found one in the bunch which goes appropriatly well with my day. It goes: We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.  That's got to be my favorite all time saying and will be forever. (I snapped pictures, however in my daze I misplaced the camera/computer cord).

It's been a hard day...glad they are few and far between. First of all I had an early scheduled mamagram, after all it is October National Breast Cancer awareness month...so please go get yours. This year started with my mother having a mastectomy, watching several customers going through breast cancer treatments, now my good friend who owns a shop just learned she has it too. Hoping my results will come back with good news, but then we do have to wait it out, don't we? I couldn't be any busier, but after hearing about a friend I picked up the phone.

The nursing home was next door to the hospital,  I walked in hoping to see our special "grandma Jean" whom I had done her hair for 24 years. I met her 35 or so years ago when I was pregnant with my first child and that's when I started to do her hair. She held each baby when she came and they grew to love her. When the kids got bigger she would empty her coin purse in their little hands  and they ran to handi mart of course you know what they bought.

When I opened the door to her room it was completly empty, she was gone. I asked the cleaning lady where is "our grandma Jean?" and thats when she told me she had passed away a few weeks ago.

Of course she had to pass me the kleenex...and she explained how she had only been sick a week and didn't suffer. I was just in shock, I knew she was in a better place, actually I was happy for her. She really wanted to be running around like she did selflessly her whole life. Always doing for another, always.  It's too hard for me right now to talk to much about the many visits and memories.

I guess what is really hurting is that for all those years she had her funeral all planned out, and we would laugh hysterically about how prepared she was to die, she was a great organizer...of course she lasted into her mid 90's (don't take tooooo many vitamins girls!) . So what I really feel bad about is that I didnt see it in the paper and I am so devestated that our family didn't attend her funeral, I am just crushed about it. I just hope she knows someway that I would never ever not go to it on purpose. We loved her so much. She was an angel of a woman. So I know where she is and she truely earned her reward, the best place that there could ever be in heaven.
Last evening we were at a viewing of another close friends 94 year old mother...I say the longer they are here the harder it is to lose them. You just get to thinking that they will always be here, they just aren't going to die, but then...they do.
God blesses us with special people in our lives doesn't he, and she is one that our families life would have been so different without her in it.  Thank you for Grandma Jean you were my other wing, and it will never ever quit being that way. ever.

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