Sunday, October 4, 2009

It's raining it's pouring...

It must be Conference weekend here in's raining and pouring as you can see no mountains in sight. It always rains on Conference weekend.
We had been looking forward to this day ...seriously more excited than Christmas as we thought that between conference sessions the Choir tour we went on in June was going to be broadcast. However when emailing the choir office Friday they said it will be shown on BYU station maybe January. So until then...patience, it's a virtue!

Today as the program Music and the Spoken word was on, I thought my goodness I am doing well to sit here not crying like a big baby(for the first time in 3 months)...and then they sang the last song..."come thou fount of every blessing" and we both lost it. Beautiful heavenly choir people I highly respect and love for their NEVER ENDING SERVICE, sharing their talent of music singing Gods words to the world.

We look forward to this day of spiritual feedings in word, music and rest.

Also in between conference sessions I believe the interview with Elizabeth Smart will be shown...she is my hero. Also a Humanitarian group that goes into Guatamala...hopefully that will be our next excursion, SOMEWHERE serving others in another country. That's probably many of your dreams...make them come true.

Hope your day too is filled with what you need, have a very beautiful one.

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