Saturday, October 31, 2009

Something egg--stra SPOOKY is going on here...

It all started with the HALLOWEEN MOON SHINING in our bedroom window in the middle of a  NIGHTMARE...and the GOOSEBUMPS came, I wasn't about to get up and take a picture...sorry but it was too EERIE.

THIS FOGGINESS (is that a word?) was covering the fields early morning...more GOOSEBUMPS and SHIVERING CHILLS!

Mr. Bed of Roses eggs cracked open to this ...WHAT? Now it's getting EGG-STRA SPOOKY around here...If I didn't have to go set Christmas up at the shop...(That would be the NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS wouldn't it?) I would go HIDING UNDER the covers till this HAUNTING DAY is over!

Hope your day and my day is a HAPPY's been so much FUN sharing this season with all of you.  Ours surely isn't going to be the one we planned ( thanks to someones work schedule) and one broken vehicle.

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