Saturday, August 11, 2007


This morning before venturing out to the yard sales, I was seriously thinking about ALL my MANY PILES I deal with every single day of my life!

Then off the wall at our first estate sale my dear on the ball hubbie found this old picture of a wooden horse drawn wagon and it stated: You Can't do business from an empty wagon! He was insistant on buying this (only 2 bucks), and it made me think of my MANY PILES again and gave me purpose to keep on going, of course!

I THOUGHT I was a decorator, antique collector, shop owner, internet business owner, designer, etc etc. HOWEVER I have realized I am really a 'PROFESSIONAL PILE MAKER." I am very good at it too...

Every day I make piles, sort through piles, collect piles, throw out piles, give away piles, wade through big piles, get irritated at many piles and irritate others with them, many times I LOVE MY PILES! Its a good thing as this seems to be my calling in life!

So this little antique sign gave me a new MOTTO, now I am off to pull the piles from the car and truck just freshly collected and sort through into PILES once this one goes to the shop, this one goes to ebay, this one goes to a boutique, this one is trash...and MY LIFE IS VERY FILLED UP!

Think about your many piles...


About Me said...

Oh Brenda.....this is so ME...lolol....from one Professional Pile-Maker to another, let me just say that your piles are really nice! *smile*

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Francie of The Scented Cottage said... true! I have piles and boxes and what I am is a "professional circle mover" I keep moving my piles from here to there and back again ... it seems I just keep going in circles...

Meadow Street said...

I am a pile maker too. I have 3 piles surounding my computer as we speak. I hope to clear one of them today.
Erica of Meadow Street