Wednesday, August 1, 2007

EPAMINONDAS Grandma Johnson always told us this story!

During a little summer "antique" shopping trip a few weeks ago as I was leaving an antique mall my eyes glanced at this little red book called "EPAMINONDOS AND HIS AUNTIE. Well, my grandsons will testify that I let out a scream and I was jumping up and down (to the best of my ability) and I told my husband that nothing could stop me from buying this book! (was no small price tag either).

Growing up my girl cousins and I would stay at grandma Johnsons in the summertime she always told us this story and did the motions and made it sound so funny. Grandma had been a first grade teacher and it was one of her favorite books. The first born cousin received her copy.

Epaminondos is a little black boy who drags bread with a rope, puts butter on his head and of course it melts and he dips the dog in the water till it almost drowns...auntie keeps trying to teach him the right way to do things...However her favorite saying to him is " EPAMINONDOS YOU AINT GOT THE SENSE YOU WERE BORN WITH" oh how we would giggle when we heard that!

As my children were growing up sometimes when they or someone else did something really quite STUPID I would call them EPAMINONDOS.

See you never know what memories a little shopping trip to an antique store is going to stir you!


Francie of The Scented Cottage said...

What a wonderful story...but I don't think I could pronounce Epaminondas much less say it with a straight face LOL

KJ said...

This book looks like it is in great condition! I am interested in how this name is pronounced... It's quite a mouth full. Did he have a nickname in the book?