Thursday, June 25, 2015

It's about time to open the doors...this saturday morning at 8

 Garden trellis area...
 Americana red's and blues

 a little pyrex, cake domes, crocks, pants, wooden box and a bee book going on here...

 antique purples

 Pretty wooden chair, dome with nest and an old dresser with mirror

 Coffee and tea in metal...

 Here is the globe that was in the box...never used. we have typewriters and type desks.

 rusty stuff, odds and ends all over...

 and some pretty golds, milk glass...

 bushel baskets...4.00 each

 This is in the entrée way done by vine street antiques

 this garden scene too

and more garden antiques by vinestreet antiques

all at:
see you Saturday!

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