Thursday, June 18, 2015

On the back porch in 90 degree weather...before project

 Mr. roses loves is todays to go along with the 95 degree weather!

We bought this antique chippy paint trellis a few weeks ago at an antique sale in a barn at the Monson farm in Hyrum...collectors are fun to buy from, the best! That's why you go to markets to buy from us, cause we dig in dirty places and we hoard things in our garages like pack rats.

It was all flat, so we weren't sure what we were getting, but it looked like a nice display piece to me!
When it went up (in the garage) it was just too heavy to take to markets for displaying.

 I was thinking of tucking it into the daisy patch in the ground on the south west corner of the house...and then after a well needed nap it hit me...he will not want those wooden legs into the dirt and he will want to rebar and put cement and turn it into a monster of a job and we are trying to get ready to do Fleattitude coming right up.

 Since our Porch goes clear across the back of the house, the size of it is not overpowering.  I thought it might look neat surrounding this old piece of furniture there that represents a potting shed type look. It's seriously TOO HOT of an area to put flowers, I would have to water every day.

 So while he sweated putting it together I sweated and sanded the whole thing by hand with a little sanding pad. This piece came out of an estate garage we bought all the contents several years ago. Some would burn it...but I held on.  It's an old oak buffet from the 30's or 40's. and was in this condition when it was purchased.

 I'm thinking of painting it this color which is a light limey green or even medium. adding Barn dust to it (chalk/milk paint). Then sanding.

 There was a huge window on this wall and we decided it has to come down after being there 20 years.
Good bye to cobwebs, farm dirt and lead base paint to dry.

Time for air conditioning and a piece of watermelon...although I was thinking chocolate marshmellow ice cream!

Can't wait to finish this area!  hurry and the mean time...I'll load boxes for fleattitude!

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