Thursday, June 4, 2015

Perfect weather for last day of BIG SALE


It's perfect weather for the last day of the big yard sale...the winds have been unkind in the evenings which caused us to have to roll the shelves inside, tuck things under tables and put much for safety. Kind of hard, not lying!

this morning we'll place what's left out and finish up this event with a beautiful perfect weather day. The kind you love to go shopping in the summer.

we have 3 wheelbarrows, pyrex left is 4.00 off each piece, the clothes rack will be more than 1/2 off, the shopette will be 25% off too. we've regrouped the tables and rolling shelves catagories and since things are so thinned down it's much easier to shop.

Do you love these pretty photo's?
It's a glimpse of our last nights purchase!!!
Mr. himmmm haawed around until I finally said we need to go get this right now!

It will go up this summer.
Not that we need it...but could you not have to have it?

Thanks more than a million for your support, we appreciate you so much and its such a joy to see each and everyone of you.

sale today ends at 6:00 or until mr. roses gets the signs down, or until the mosquito's bite...

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Mimi Sue said...

Loved your sale!! Love your new windmill!! Waaaaayyyyy better than your neighbors. 😉