Thursday, April 23, 2015


 I bought this puzzle to do some altered art things with...Carl un beknownest to me loves to put together puzzles. How can you know someone 42 years and not know they love to put puzzles together? He had it done within 24 hours, he would sneak in from outside and piece away!
He wants to do the coke a cola one...I kind of want to hide it for a snow day with so much to do getting ready for Acorn antique show, the yard sale etc.

He said as a child he loved to do them, and he thought his mother loved it so he'd stay out of her way!

 Here are 5 different sized clip boards, I put the sections of puzzles on. I may add some odds and ends to them, just not sure what right now.

 Kind of fun, and a little piece of art work to decorate a spot or gift someone.
Love the graphics?

 Here a bird sits among the dried hydrangea's in a REAL birdnest from the front porch. It's sitting in a silverplate oval dish.

 I bought two bins of these fun large spools of yard, twines etc.

 Jars filled with vintage reminiscent of Mothers for mothers day show.

 Here a vintage cake plate and dome with some paper art.

 a metal topped cake dome with more paper art for the kitchen.

and a dainty german plate with roses with dome and tied with silk embroidery threads.

Having fun...plan on seeing you over mothers day weekend!

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