Monday, April 13, 2015

cleaning these up...

 This door happens to be the BIGGEST door we have ever's taking a lot of cleaning up
but it's worth it!

 Metal cubbies...story to go with this one, Mr. Roses found this in a garage at an estate and would not leave it until it was emptied and off the wall, about 1 1/2 hours  while I had to shop the 3 story home by myself! He was a little bit in trouble...but then I realized, it's just stuff and he has enjoyed going through all those nuts and bolts!

 Very old trunk, primitive, dove tailed with wooden nails. The owner told me it was where him and his brother put their clothes, they didn't have drawers and such.

 Big double sided oak chalkboard(we replaced the chalkboards), it's so nice and heavy duty, storage for your art supplies etc.

 Found this handmade rolling chair in the garage, pretty clever!

 Big antique lattice garden frame will be made into a giant chalkboard.

 TAble tennis has never been out of the box...the box is roughed up a bit, but never opened!

 Metal containers will be in supply for summer planting etc.

vintage art...this is poppies in watercolor

 sorting thru some of our personal goods to bring, toys and fun things

 The vintage kitchen and crocks

 Movie stars...Bob hope
 vintage tulips framed

birds from 1980 art in neat frame and matting

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