Saturday, April 18, 2015

Olde Carpenter estate aprons

 A week ago I discovered upon these three old carpenter aprons at an estate. They were hanging on a big rusty nail, covered in years of dirt and stains, and some cobwebs of course!

 I threw them in my pile (hoping Mr. Roses would pull them back out), brought home to wash and wash and wash then press.

 I'm challenging myself to do something fun with them, in a decorative way so I will back within the week with the finished project.

 A new big pile of old metal framed lampshades , these we threw in the outdoor weed fire to make them look even older...always trying something to get that patina!

 Finally we have another great big mailbox...oh they are hard to come by...and a cream o weber milk box in metal will be at the antique show.

 While in salt lake shopping with friends e went to Mom and Me scrapbook store and found a lot of fun vintage paper for some projects.

Wish there were more time to play...the days seem to go by so fast don't they.
One good thing the weather will be on our side this week!

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