Sunday, March 15, 2015

Vintage Whites markets and lots of before the show snippets

 Vintage Whites market snapshots...right before First Finds Friday, whew thank goodness I remembered to take them...before I could get guessed it... the battery died. Oh I hate that!

 We totally filled up for this event...the crowds of vintage lovers came, and they didn't let us down this year. Friday night 5-9 was a relaxing shopping for 250 prepaid  shoppers, Mindy Gledhill concert, food and first picks of Utah vintage finds by wonderful vendors who worked so hard to be ready to sell their wares. It's a undaunting job to tag, load, unload and display...then sell it all, cut off the tags, sack it up, hold it, redisplay all got the picture! Between Joni, Carl and I we held it together..and took lots of aleve. No time to eat, potty, nor sit... we're not complaining, it's not our first rodeo.

 We love vintage and happy to hunt and gather, dig and scrub just to make someones day, we always keep something for ourselves
Joni brought in alot of her own personal collections...she made customers very happy! You can expect
the same next year at vintage whites. Not sure when she will sell with me this year...possibly Nov. shows.

 Pickle green is fun, goes great with industrial your looking at photo's I would say 75% of this is gone. But you can always ask! Joni has an etsy shop: vintage 1955

 Its good to take time to dig through boxes filled with empheria, laces etc...there are fun treasures if you'll take the time to look. I had the best time ringing up joni's stuff, I really had no time to enjoy what she brought.

 Typewriters are still all the rage...we sold 3 of them all different. 6 globes. one buffet. farmhouse chippy
paint never fails to fly out the door. Very random buying this year and we love to collect random.

 we fill every nook and cranny and then some

 Mr. roses made alot of flowers out of vintage kitchen metals
jars empty, jars filled, these were in a round wire canning rack made some gal very happy!

 garden is always cant see the old rusty childs garden chair, it was my favorite thing!

 Aqua...vintage aqua...does it ever grow old...NO!

 Our chippy paint doors were a hit
 And mr. roses was happy to have his great big counter, so glad we kept it!

 We had tons of old books this year. Pages of dick and jane story books were fun (they were not the old books). but bring back so many memories and fun graphics.

 Garden area stacked and hanging

 and more
 lots of handmades
 we had bins of books and bins of just rusty junk parts to be sorted through.

These benches
 barn ladders, didnt have a one left
 games and pieces, reds are always fun
 rustic tins and toys
 Kitchen collectables
 small furnitures and vintage linens never fail to make a vintage shopping treat special

Joni made this wonderful garland!
You can find her on etsy: vintage 1955
I have etsy but never seem to post. join me on fbook: brenda klomp
                                                I'm chatty on there everyday...all day
                                            we really missed those who couldn't make it
There are other markets coming up
for now...we will do the BIG ONE which includes our huge yard sale at our home in west haven
so keep in mind between " after" mothers day and "before"  memorial day all depends on the weather.

Fleattitude will be at this same building around JUNE 27th

Happy collecting, thank you, appreciate you and see you soon!

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