Sunday, March 15, 2015

Antique fencing from a cemetary long long ago, heirloom

 I love my sons...they help their mom with her craziness in finding antiques...they know it makes me so happy!  Hopefully they are learning..

 I bought this from the vintage yard sale utah on fbook. Have you joined them? There are new posts of vintage/antiques about every minute or less. You have to be FIRST to say I want it and then work it out with the seller. If you drag your feet (like mr. roses was trying to do, questioning me where is it going etc etc etc while i was saying to him...lets just get it anyway or we're going to lose it and we almost did, lesson learned to him) and he loves it.
 It came in 16 1/2 ' pieces and now it's broke down in to half that so we can manage at home for placement.

 Aren't these long pillars neat.

 the gate too!  I can't wait to see what i do with it, cause i'm not sure.

this fence was an inherited family piece and they decided they didnt want it. story is it came from fairfield cemetary. Then i learned the Allreds (polygamist group maybe owned the cemetary and wanted all fencing out). Then it went to a decendents home and was placed between brick pillars. when they moved they gave it to the people we bought it from and they had it sandblasted and painted. If you know me...i would have prefered original...but now I know this fence will live on and on and on and I will let it rust away.

I have never comitted to where i want to be buried...but if they made it legal i wouldn't mind this wrapped around my burial plot. Fat chance in hell.

do you love it?

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