Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Garden district walking tour, Magazine street for antiques, Patina cemetaries Part 2 Norleans

 A trolley to the walking Garden can walk for a long long time and see the most charming homes in their restored glory with well designed yards. Smaller lots hardly a yard and not much grass but bushes, plants trees and all close to each other. Had the best historical feel. These give you a sampling.

 There were some stunning churches and schools. we did an hour...but its a half day easily only if you have it.

 Magazine street is where you find the trolly to get back, it has antique shops. I went in two is all. This one was fun, all about old keys, doorknobs etc. and most display cases were huge collections and not for sale items.

 In the Garden district, which you can walk or drive all around (you could have a tour guide and learn much more or google search it), but we took the trolley and walked through the cemetary. Row after row, a little scary and perfect for an October visit. The headstones/bodies are all ontop of ground because of the water table of course and aged with wonderful shades of Patina. This is a photographers haven and just reading the stones was intriguing...made you wonder. (even wonder what happened to the bodies during Katrina). The fronts open up and the deceased is written on the fronts, some are current. You can basically bury a whole family in one of these pieces.

 Each burial piece was made from brick and then covered with cement and design.

Some are maintained and others grow as wild as the wind must get.

This area can take about an hour...
I will be back with the waterfront part of new orleans which is unique shopping, lots going on and the best place to spend some quality time.

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