Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Discover. Vintage. Antique. Markets. coming soon!

Just a bed of roses shopette will be opened sometime in may for a week with our annual big yard sale included. Date is dependent on the weather... stay in touch.

Vintage whites market... Joni and I will be selling as Paper & Patina.
March 13th & 14th (need to purchase tickets now for 5-9 early bird shopping 13th 5-9)
saturday shopping 9-5
fbook friend vintage whites market or
Our same triple space, turn left when you walk in the door. Food wagons, classes and 2 buildings to shop from this year!

Feb. 7th is 3 Dotters in Pleasant grove.
40 vendors fbook friend them for details.
I will not be selling here this time.

Feb. 14th & 15th Acorns antique and vintage show. Always a fabulous place to shop. its at the weber county fairgrounds. 9:00 a.m.
I will not be selling here this time.

Fleattitude has changed dates for their vintage market. It will be June 27th at the same place as vintage whites. 
Salt lake city state fairgrounds, grand ballroom. I will be selling as Just a bed of roses without joni on this one.

Fleaology...in Payson...fbook friend them also or go to their .com

Joni and I have decided we are busy enough without doing any instagram selling. Family is taking our time these days.

We're excited to be getting ready for these markets either selling or buying! 

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