Saturday, June 22, 2013

longing for the mountains...

sitting here reminded how to stop and relax... patio waterfall at Taggerts grill in Taggert
*just past Morgan
for atmosphere, cleanliness etc. I give it an A.

summer flowers...eye candy
tucked in the lush mountain greenery.

Mr. and Mrs. Peacock lazily strut around
their territory...they are quite the friendly pair.

I'd been told about Taggart's grill for years
from you the customer.
I just didn't take "time out" to go.
I give it another A...on the food,
it's just all so good and priced just right.

For sure I'll go back for the beer batter fries...
(this is halibut in a soft pita bread)
my goodness, where have I been?
I don't think there is anything you could order
that you wouldn't love.
One dessert (okay, we tried the carrot cake) it's
big enough for 4.
you'll thank me for this recommendation
and I thank many of you for reminding me
of Taggerts.

Then onto Sundance...cause I really miss our cabin
(parents sold it last fall).
There's a vintage flair at the general store
and deli.

Before sundance how can you not shop the
outlets in Park city???

Our strong drinks of brewed root beer!

a river does run through it...
well, it was a babbling creek, which we loved
listening to it babble down the mountain
all night long.

This is one of the two restaurants
just so you get the general feel of Sundance.
Of course there is a ski tram.
Customer service is excellent.
If you check the rates, the weekdays seem
to be the least expensive and less busy.
(june is an "off season month too).

It was so peaceful and quiet.
Just what we were longing for.
And your only 20 mins. from Provo
if you like shopping etc.
I love to try new things...
now feel free to share what you have
been doing...

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Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

It looks so beautiful! Thanks for the recommendation on Taggarts.
Have a great day.