Monday, June 17, 2013

Grab a vintage cooler

Come grab our vintage cooler
for a prop rental if you must
(Mr. PROPrietor sure wanted to keep this)

And a crisp fresh green colored roses vintage tablecloth...
get the picture!

and do some hangin' out this summer
we have some fun props
and things for owning.

open today Monday 11-5:30

Our sons family moved out this past weekend after being here 10 months,
they saved a nice amount to get themselves into a lovely home
just right for them.
(thank goodness they are in the same town 10 mins. away)

Doggy Kia was the last to go...
we will miss them.....and just maybe the doggy too.

It's really quiet.
Not sure we love that.
I'd much rather see the cutest 2 year olds smiley face
and listen to him learn how to talk,
and watch him learn new things and even throw tantrums and scream.
(yes screaming is cute when it's not your own child)

Plus listening to a 10 year olds...
bounce .bounce .bounce the basketball
hour upon hour
and rolling my eyes at that fake wrestling he loves so much,
looking at his face in a video game and watching favorite tv shows together
going to movies and burger bar...
than peace and quiet every day.

But that's how life is...
and we become empty nesters ONCE AGAIN.
With 40 years of marriage sneaking up on us.

I loved my beautiful, most pleasant, patient daughter in law
who cleaned up the kitchen and more after us,
and enjoyed learning who she is,
I learned alot from her,
she is a gift to our family.

We will not miss our sons:
lots of cheese, ice cream, cokes, chips, bags of candy,
pizza's,  hot dogs & get it, cause I can go on and on!
Heaven help him...
cause I can't!

Now there's a good chance we can get back to some weight loss!
the temptation is gone, right???

fathers day 2013

a day with my father 2013
85 yrs old
there is a house and yard full of their 5 children with their children
and their children...
and that's what he wanted for Fathers day...
a chicken barbeque.

still making his rock pictures
sitting at a rock machine hour upon hour when it's too hot to be outside,
never wasting a minute
life's to precious to him
and creates each rock to make a design.
now that's "rock love" and patience.

Enjoy the dog days of summer, your family 

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