Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Here a prop. There a prop.

Prop #1
can you tell what it is?
It WAS the cutest wheelbarrow ever made picket fence style.
Mr. Prop-rietor wanted to make it sturdy for your renting of it,
and has now placed a ton of screws so it will hold up for some time.

Prop #2
Roses Iron chair
This chair doesn't stand alone, it has 3 sisters
and a huge round glass roses table to match.
You can rent one... or the whole family.

Prop # 3
Large wooden birdcage
Prop out your wedding displays etc. with lots of vintage white.
With a  nice display inside, people placing money envelopes into,
sure to make an exciting look.

It's not just Any birdcage...
we do VINTAGE prop rentals
it has brass door knobs for it's feet.

Props # 4
vintage white sewing machine drawers
open and closed
openings in the top for florals etc,
make for some pretty display pieces.

Prop #5
Antique etched mirror in the making
center will be a pin board.
For once I showed a "before" photo!

Prop #6
French chippy paint window
working to bring it in too.

There's  more in the shop lined up on the counter runway.

So why you're thinking of what to do with some of these Prop pieces...
we will be thinking of the Prop-er way to rent them out to you!

Coming soon...
Vintage props with Patina at Just a bed of roses
(that's not the name yet, just so you get the right idea).

We will be opened this week
Thursday and Friday
with it being Fathers day this sunday
we will be closed this SATURDAY
unless otherwise stated here on the blog.
( my son just closed on his new home today so I better be
around to help out)

Have a great Fathers day week-end

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