Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Fle-attitude fills my patina needs

Fle-attitude recent finds:
Antique rusty hook board came from Lorraines.
Rusty handled wire baskets from Heidi's owner of acorn antiques
plus others I'll show how I've used them later.

Now enjoying them in MY creative work space at home!

I refinished the board by lightly sanding and adding a coat of medium walnut stain.
This piece is on a stair wall and needed to be useful. awesome. and narrow.

At Flea-attitude in Pleasant Grove
I ran into Renee Hull...funny thing, I was reading her story to my husband on the
drive down and tah.dah. there she was digging through someones "stuff!"

Imagine that!
she is a "stuff" digger
not unlike you and I.

You will absolutly love her workspace photo's and story in this new issue
Where women create
Love her Patina style

her quote:
"You are never to old to set another goal or to dream a new dream"

Her tip:

Try to see the beauty that others don't! Before you throw something out,
stop and take another look to see any potential you may have missed.
(oh dear, if you could see my garage of "POTENTIALS!")

love patina
always have
always will

Great job
Fle-attitude and Renee!
(thanks Lorraine and Heidi)

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