Sunday, February 24, 2013

Do not reward yourself with food...your not a dog

Have you ever baked a beet?

My daughter mentioned they had been adding more vegetables
to their diet, they baked beets just like a potato.

We did it...
Wrapped it in foil, and when done added coconut butter
and blood orange balsamic vinegar (must try it).

Beets help clean the fats from your liver and cleanse your blood.

Contain Betaine and Betacyanin: has anti-inflammatory and
anti-cancer properties.
Vitamin B & C and lots of minerals:
Potassium, iron, thyroxin: main hormone for thyroid,
Magnesium, and controls blood sugar.
Low in fat and good for the cardiovascular system.

They are sweet, don't overdo if your diabetic,
and if your prone to kidney stones.

Our goal for now is at least ONE BEET a week.

On a PBS show Dr. Furhman's "the immunity solution"
he said there are three foods to eat everyday.
                2.dark leafy greens

we are trying

now adding mushrooms to our diet this year.
goal: One big package a week.
I am going to do a whole post on Mushrooms soon.
Mushrooms are cute, but I've never gone out of my way to eat many.

Eat healthy.

Build your immune system every meal.

To have a healthy immune system you must get rid of
INFLAMMATION in your body which causes disease
and chronic disease.

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