Saturday, February 18, 2012

Romancing Your Home in February

February is the greatest month of all
to think about adding a little romance to your home.
Why not romance your home with stunning decor that makes
your bedroom come alive with charm and ambiance?

Create ambiance with blush walls and a romantic chandelier.
Be original and use a vintage mirror as a headboard.
 It never hurts to dream big! 
Add texture, trims, and treasures.
Create an eco-chic environment that's cooling and calm.
A sense of grandeur: velvet with elegant window treatments.
 Your man will love brick and mortar, burlap,
and iron elements.
Hollywood Regency - classy and monochromatic.
 ...visit Just a Bed of Roses and find the perfect
elements for romancing your home...

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Just a bed of roses said...

These bedrooms are so beautiful Sierra Greenman that I can't quit looking at them! Bedroom envy for sure!
thanks for your lovely blog post!