Friday, February 3, 2012

Pretty PLEASE...

It's been 5 years now since I opened the doors to Just a bed of roses in the Historic sycamore district in Farmington. I remember peeking in the window right after Christmas, the building was for rent and I thought hmmmm, yes adorable, but too small. I knew how to stack merchandise, knew it could work, but NEVER dreamed it would fit the current merchandise to this extent.(many thanks to Joni's stacking expertise and years of decorating experience).

          Fun isnt it!

   Now, 2012 we have changed our days from 6 down to 3. Not because the shop was hurting, because I really did enjoy busy Mondays and being there for everyone needs during the week.

 We now feel it allows us quality time to create one of a kinds, collect vintage and unique pieces and have time for much needed travel, taking care of ourselves and family obligations.

   Shop keeping is NOT a hobby by any means. There is a big awesome responsiblity to it. We are here to make a living,and each day/week is crucial to us being here the next. We have weathered some storms, and feel stronger than ever.

   There are some ethics we go by at the shop in order that we may keep our doors open.

   We appreciate your business and LOVE when you come often,bring a friend/relative and your out of state acquaintances. Thank you so much.

   We do appreciate NO photo's inside, including cell phone photo's.

   We also love that we can and want to inspire you, but we also would like you to respect that we create things to sell and not to be copied. This assures that we can meet our financial obligations.

   Our prices are affordable and reasonable. We are a unique vintage inspired gift/decor/holiday shop not a consignment or antique shop.   

   It's a very common thing for someone to come in and exclaim "where does all this stuff come from?" There are many times I will tell you where/how and why this special item is in the shop, and I do it happily and generously. I too love how some of the vintage comes about. Some have a charming story others do not.

  As a shop owner we ask that you respect our right of privacy as to where some of the merchandise is acquired.

 We love the magic of finding, creating,displaying our products. It's all part of shopping the brick and mortar experience that you don't get online. We are comitted to keep brick and Mortar shops alive and exciting.

 We want you to feel and be a part of this magic.

   As always our return policy is the same: Please chose your items and gifts carefully as we do NOT do returns.

We still accept checks, visa, mastercard and cash. 

   Thanks for 5 wonderful years, the experience has been more than delightful and many friendships made that I wouldn't trade for anything. With your continued support we will be able to stay for as long as we would like.
   Much appreciation to you...
Brenda Klomp



Ticey said...

Brenda, This is your neighbor Becky and I went down to your shop today to get a gift for Valentines day for a friend and I knew that you would have something super fun......that is when I found out you were only open 3 days now! Good for you, I don't know how you have been able to do all that you have done the past 5 years........the days go by so fast, there really are not enough hours in the day!!! Enjoy your extra days off, Becky

Just a bed of roses said...

Becky, thanks for your comment and so sorry not to be there. Hope you can come back on our 3 days though. Thanks for the thumbs up with our trying balancing life!

Does that mean I can have my cake and eat it too??? lol!