Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mother Nature...Christmas for men

Did you know it snows close to Christmas because it's mother natures way to tell MEN Dec. 25th will soon be here.

We are filled with last minute gifts, scarves wrapped, fresh  mint chocolates, cherry-a-lets, boxes ready to go and our Christmas decor still 25% off (except consignment) through the weekend.

smells so good!

tiny stockings
One shopper was dressing her tiny dogs feet in 4 of these
for a Christmas photo.

Snow globes that light up and change colors
in two sizes

Charm its
about 50 different charms:
confetti cake, tresure chest, chocolate bar, love to dance, pink daisy, princess crown, flowers locket, glitter butterfly, grandma's girl, friends, cupcakes, stallion, sister, rainbow,rock guitar, rainbow peace sign, globe earth, ice cream cone, banana split, sneakers, touch phone, fish bowl, monkey, donut, whale, candy ring, gymnastics, kitten magic want, mommys girl, hot cocoa, owl, mouse, p & J sandwich, peacock, smores, milk and cookies puppy, gumball machine
and more!

charming variety of bracelets for your charms

Come see whats "ready to go"
and thank MOTHER NATURE we have some snow!
WE could do without the COLD right?

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Mimi Sue said...

I'm already done for winter. Bring on spring! Mimi