Thursday, December 29, 2011

INTRODUCING... Just a Bed of Roses MARKET & New DAYS!

she found herself ... at Just a Bed of Roses Market:
beginning Jan. 5th 6th & 7th

Thursday. Friday. and Saturday.
findings for her home. gifts. patina extraordinaire. 
EXPECT... to love our monthly market themes!
we think it will be fun for you and for us!


Open Thursday. Friday. and Saturday.
11-5:30 Winter Hours

begins Jan 5-7  2012

mOre ViNtAgE.
mOre CrEaTiViTy.
JuSt mOre.


Lisa said...

Though I'm sad you won't be anxiously waiting in your palace for me and my mother/sisters/friends to arrive, I do understand, completely, why it's better this way. I'll try to remember the hours and times, and act accordingly. But if you arrive, only to find me camped out on your front steps, you'll know I forgot and couldn't bear to leave without some awesome stuff. OCCUPY BED OF ROSES, we'll call the movement! :) Brilliant!

Just a bed of roses said...

Oh good Lisa, Mother and friends...I'm dying to see what your girl tents would look like anyway!

Vikki Tingey said...

I am sooooo eXciTeD!!!