Thursday, December 1, 2011

American girl...

If you have girls, then you must have heard of
a must to have luncheon in New York.
The room is filled with chatty women, mothers
grandmothers, friends, girls and their dolls.

Sipping frozen hot chocolate before lunch arrived.
Men Waiters wore hot pink aprons...oh -PULEEESE!

Healthy appetizers followed by main course, cupcakes etc.
Then a shopping spree on all 3 floors of dolls
and their cutest accessories
thank goodness for UPS
as the girls have birthdays coming up.

Being silly with carrot appetizer!

You can always create your own tea party
or luncheon if you can't make it to
American girl- new york

There were shopping markets at
Madison square gardens, Grand Central station.
Girls daddy treated them to bunny hats/mittens.

Farmers markets were busy the day before Thanksgiving
selling pies, flowers, all kinds of meats as there
are so many cultures in New York.
Quite fascinating

A convention center had a dog/cat show
we ran through the isles petting petting petting.
They say our dogs are much like their owners.
This owner/dog were quite content!

Grandchildren loved poking their heads in this dome
where you could see LIVE ROACHES living inside.

Ripeys Believe it or not was entertaining and somewhat
gruesome, perfect for boys.
You could put your face in a jar
kind of Halloweenish.

cool place though... saw really strange things.

We also rode the huge ferris wheel inside the biggest
Toys are Us store.
Never did eat a famous new york hot dog.
But we had plenty of pizza.
A luxurious India food restaurant, thought we were
kings and queens the way we were waited on.
 a german restaurant close die for.

Macys day parade attracts approx. 3,000 people
It's a once in a lifetime must see and do.
All we could see were the balloons
as the sidewalks are stacked about 25-50 people deep.
Macys parade has only been cancelled one time in 1944
it was the war and rubber was not available.
They use to let the balloons go up into the air
after the parades way back in the day.

we rode in a beautiful white carriage with a white horse
our guide told us alot of details about famous events/movie spots here.

New Yorker NEED this place...
a soft place to feast your eyes upon

Oh what fun...
Shellies husband treated us to charming
Horse carriage rides awaiting us to be taken
on tour of the famous
and very beautiful 
Central park.
I had no idea how large it was.
And it was brrrrr cold with no rain
and clear blue skies.
A beautiful delicious Thanksgiving dinner
awaited our family, then Carl was taxied
off as he had Black Friday to be home for.
And then the camera battery died and
guess what I brought the wrong charger
with none to be found in New york.

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