Friday, April 8, 2011

Laundry room---disaster area--- beware

Rainy/snowy days LAUNDRY ROOM make-over

The cherry curtains come down and the yellow wall
will become blue sometime this week.
The blue wall was green earlier this week.

Placed on the blue wall will be my very
favorite Americana 20's lady liberty picture!

The display case above washer was emptied and painted
"Cloud white"  like all the wood work in the home now.
And vinyl talking display case lettering removed.

When I can get a decent picture (cloudy days not good for photos)
will show final results of laundry/bath.

LATER though because these rooms are really LAST on our list.

Blog below will show SOME of the make-over...for now.
This pillow is wonderful burlap

Carpe Diem
Sieze the day!
What a wonderful thought to start the day as we part from our home.

It's now in my newly painted entree way which goes
into the kitchen/laundry area.

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