Friday, April 8, 2011

Carpe Diem...Sieze the day in burlap

Laundry room make-over IN PROGRESS

Kind of the VINTAGE MODERN style

Chosing newly arrived burlap placemat on top of washing machine
placing antique marble chamber potty for holding laundry soap.

We have decided that after 15 years of the Antique oak housier in the kitchen
that the Laundry room would be a refreshing change.
A long runner of burlap with Carpe Diem on each end runs
across the top.
Our walls WERE green and yellow.
They are changing to aqua/blue and yellow.

The same runner is the new window treatment folded over a rod.
The white antique piece is a wooden dresser mirror holder upside down
and attached to the wall.
The wall behind this will be in blue/aqua.
Yes your seeing plenty of ridiculous snow.
If it were Nov. it would not be ridiculous, only beautiful snow!

A newly painted antique post I use as a towel holder.
The old borax soap dispenser is attached and the towel draped over it.
Not sure if the little bathroom will stay yellow or go blue.
Probably blue.

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