Sunday, April 10, 2011

aDRESSING a need

North Ogden woman making dresses for girls in Africa caught my attention in the Standard Examiner this week, she is 78 year old Marie Vondrus.
She saw a story Brian Williams NBC news anchor did. Little girls
in Africa in desperate need of clothing, little dresses to make them feel feminine and pretty.
She said "I was so excited, I just thought, Oh my gosh, I can do this!" Her husband agreed.
At first she started with 25 pillow case style dresses, and now close to making 100 which was her new goal. Then she will send off and start again.
The organization is:  A nonprofit company that distributes the pillow case dresses to churches, schools and orphanages.
Wanted to share this story with you dear matter what our age we are always needed in some way to give service, even to those we may never see. She does hope to see a picture one day of the girls in her dresses. Wouldn't that be a thrill!

Can you imagine her happiness as she goes to her sewing maching each time with a fun piece of fabric and know that a little girl will feel so pretty wearing something she has so lovingly made.

Neat Marie...I don't know you but you are an example to myself and others!

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