Saturday, February 19, 2011


Humor from times past
Mother tending to courting daughter in the parlor

A courting boy delivering Keeleys treats
Oh THANK YOU to those who preserve things like this for us enjoy
We can make up our own stories as to when this was bought
and to whom this was given.

A stately family having a grand moment
Note the three children in the front how different each of their personalities must be...really!
Then pay attention to the straight hair parts of the women and the tight hair buns,
maybe meaning some strictness, studious, formal?
Not sure if its one wife or two?
I think it's Grandmother
helping out with 10 children!
My lands!

These items we do have to place a  PRICE tag, but are they not really PRICELESS?
 It's SO NEAT that we live in an age where there are so many
interested in photography and the many aspects of it.


Sunday I have something PRICELESS to share
check back.

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