Sunday, February 27, 2011

Black Heels to Tractor Wheels...a steamy love story

My Week-end Home with the Real Life steamy romance of Rhee Drummond
Pioneer woman
High Heels to Tractor Wheels
Love story
#2 on NYorks best sellers list

Julies fault
She told me to stop at her work and pick the book up.
With plenty of paper work piled up waitiing for me to  do over the week-end
I made the best choice:
Picked up the book at 2:00 p.m., could not put it down
was finished the next morning!

I had occasionally read 's blog
knew she always had excellent food, loved her sense of humor
about her new found life on a big cattle ranch, adored pictures & stories of her bassett hound Charlie,
watched as she became famous with her cookbook and more.

One thing I hadn't realized is that she had started writing the very beginning of her
life with Marlboro Man-COWBOY (now husband) on her blog.
I live by COWBOYS...who knew!
High Heel to Tractor Wheels:
A rip roaring passionate romance clear through!
She's an L.A. gal who worked in the day $ for enjoying the night life there.
Dining on sushi, dressing-up, high heels and her not so "real men" boyfriends.
Until one night she sat at a table with Marlboro man.

4 months later he took the reigns by the hand and went to find this beautiful redheaded Rhee!
Very exciting to see how his masculinity plays into this story and how it knocked over her
very independent life and how he turned her to mush.

Marlboro Man she calls him has a large ranch in Oklahoma.
To watch her make the changes into this much quieter serene life is hilarious EVERY
step of the way.
I love her sense of humor!
And the passion/chemistry between the two...she does not hold back!
Nope, she doesn't hold back!!!
There are good times and hard times and he seems to always have a way of comfort
with his smile, hugs, body strength, most of all his chuckle and teasing.
She gets into some of the funniest situations when with him.
And although her parents 30 yr. marriage is falling apart
through this all, she does have a nice family.

Not to spoil the story, cause its worth the read, they do get married and the
honeymoon to Australia...less than perfect.
Her first pregnancy...changes her completely, still so funny!
And that's all I am going to say.

Please visit her blog and see her 4 BEAUTIFUL RANCH CHILDREN whom
she home schools. Rhee started a small blog in 2006 and it has turned in to
quite a famous read.
You'll love her buttery recipes... cause on a ranch they work hard and need hardy food.

I read where this love story may be a movie in 2012
Putting it on my list of things to do... in 2012

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