Sunday, January 2, 2011

How sweet it IS...Sorting

It's always fun to start the New Year by SORTING, rearranging  and cleaning through our things...
that's what we will be doing at Just a Bed of Roses this week and marking things on SALE.

Just to start the process again of buying, tagging, displaying, selling and wrapping...just for you cause
that's what we love to do!

Inventory is nearly finished and Christmas is compiled on 2 tables now which is 1/2 off this week
AND NEXT...UH HUH! Our purses are 50% off original price this week!

I usually pack Christmas up by now...but lost my car keys for several working days, so my loss is your gain.

FORTUNATE FOR ME... today I found the car keys in the garbage we both gain, right!
Isn't it hard to stay home for a whole day, it was like being  stranded on a desert island which  forced me to
work on yearly tax papers for the shop, having to use that business brain on a holiday, that deserves
Chocolate, lots of chocolate and is totally unfair!

Oh...I think this year, when there is time to shop... I may get new carpet...seems our little 4 year old granddaughter whom we babysat on new Years eve drew
a BIG circle or is a heart on the carpet in permanent marker...I showed Mr. Roses he started laughing.
I did too. He is thinking that HE is going to erase that problem...I am thinking NEW CARPET right!
Our theme the next 6 weeks: How sweet it IS...and WAS...will be SO FUN!

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