Monday, January 10, 2011


HOUNDSTOOTH...little black uneven check design
usually in cloth

Purse, wallet, business card holders &
classic scarves

LAPEL FLOWER pin/clip  in Houndstooth 'n black lace

Houndstooth bow wrapped in pearls Headbands

classy key chains

Houndstooth headbandband in red check & black lacy

Chunky Bracelets in Houndstooth

funky fun adjustable rings

Black & white WILD romantic

Counting Tea towels

Find them freshly displayed at Just a bed of roses

Our sale...of 20% off goes through this week even on our new arrivals
of  Black and whites

We'll play you some 50's songs
We've reverted to this since my fancy smancy satellite radio Santa brought for the shop
will not pick up signals in this area...could it be the ancient trees and
gigantic courthouse blocking the signals?

Judy Garland's somewhere over the rainbow

Everybody loves somebody...DeanO!
Or thumb through the pile...and you chose an album.

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