Monday, August 2, 2010

Thinking Honeymoon in Paris?

A bit of vintage French  for you... 1940's books, roses, lacy hankies and scrolly chairs.

Paris perfumes & powders boxes

I see a Perry Mason "the case of the Cautious Couquette" with princess bride
          Like I'm saying, the upcoming season will soon be upon us and we're getting ready

Like the saying goes...if the SHOE FITS...come and GET IT!
These have no wearing on the bottom!

French blue handmade satin pillowcase
Padded Hangers for the Queen
pretty to hang jewelry too!

Thinking Honeymoon in Paris?
You will be going after taking writing lessons from this book:
A guide to Intimate letter writing
Learn the proper way to romance the love of your life

 Pack your pretty cream suitcase, grab your fancy
aqua mirror and brush set...

Soap deJouir
True toilet soap

One can dream?

August will be our Pretzel Confections Promotion
check back here tomorrow

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