Sunday, August 8, 2010

Don't be book 1935

Should have been born in this era?
This page is from a 1935 song book of famous
writers and singers. Un-fashionable to be skinny? 
All you needed was ironized yeast tonic...better yet, imported from Europe. 
Watch flat chest develop, skinny limbs round out attractively and your
an entirely new person!
I know what your thinking when you look at her picture...
uhh huh
chubby is beautiful but please pull up those bra straps
better yet get a maiden form and fill it up!

The moment a dapper young man with curly black hair steps onto the stage, you'll kow that's
Harry Richman.
Putting on the ritz made him famous.
Story of his trials, fame & fortune inside.

You CAN reduce your waist and hips 3 inches in 10 days.
With the perfolastic girdle and Brassiere
but is that wearing them day and night?

Delightful art work to match the songs...
Somebody stole my gal!

The Memphis Blues
color of this book is a beautifuly gold patena
no rips or tears
front cover missing, starts on page 3.
Book has 50 pages of stories of singers such as
Don Bestor song leader.
Big rock candy mountain song.
Slim pickins sisters 3
Annette Hanshaw cannot read a note of music.
plus more nostalgia.

Carry me back to old Virginny
Can we just fly there for a visit?

Sleep come on and take me, this is where we get counting sheep.
way back THEN?

And's true, there really is a SAND MAN...
sleep tight and DON'T let the bed bugs bite ya.

See You Monday!

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