Sunday, August 15, 2010

Adorable Alayna & College advice

Precious picture of alayna and her favorite musical instrument
the ukelele which she won Kaysville idol with her
song of Honey Bee.

Off to college!
Here are 10 things about Alayna (from HER ):
Ten things...ugh! ) this is so Alayna, never wanting to
talk about herself...humble pie girl and oh so talented!)

1.It's my dream to have a chocolate shop because chocolate makes people happy!
2. My favorite color is green???
3. I secretly want to be a novelist.
4. I have the most incredible family...seriously
5. I love my ukulele and my iPod.
6. I love the shop and who I am when I am there.
7. I just wish I lived in a Jane Austen book...right Brenda???
8. I have always wished I could paint.
9. I love breakfast. It's the best food and the nicest time of day. 
10. I plan to get a degree and to study abroad in Europe. I hope to learn
as much as I can.

Now 10 things from me to Alayna... without tears?
1. Always Dependable
2. Mature and well rounded
3. Talented in many ways
4. Loves music...Alayna won the Kaysville American Idol singing
contest this summer! 
5. Has values & lives her beliefs
6. lives with Honest & integrity and sweet humbleness
even though blessed with so much talent.
7. Loves people and they love her
8. Excited about life & learning
9. Says she'll visit me in the nursing home, yeah, remind me who I am too!
10. Alayna told me she has always changed things around , like her room ever
since she was a little girl.
It wont change alayna...and that's a good thing.

My advice to you:
Just keep on being your beautiful self that I love and adore ALWAYS. 

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