Tuesday, October 30, 2007


What a blessing my daughter is...it is such a joy to see her pour her heart and soul into a painting and share her talent with others so that it may enhance our lives.

Shellie and her dearest art friends and teacher held their first big art show and was it ever fabulous. Actually it was quite haunting as shellie adorned her home in Halloween creatures and art of witches, pumpkins, mummies, spiders, abstracts and even some normal art was placed artistly around her "haunted mansion" of a place.

First let me tell you, it was tons of work and we mean tons...there were also refreshments just perfect for a fall outing plus they sold many originals, which usually causes a tear to be shed by them.

She has a new website I am hoping to announce soon. In the mean time please visit my website and under "fall window shopping" her pictures are for viewing.

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