Tuesday, November 3, 2015

History of the Saints...writer and narrator Glen Rawson

 Have you heard of Glen Rawson? He does a tv show on Sundays after the Tabernacle choir sings which would be 10:00 a.m. channel 5. He is a researcher and I would dare say he knows church history inside and out and can recite about any name date or place in church history. He is passionate about it, loves Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon. What a testimony this man has! You can't help but be more converted by his knowledge and spirit.

We are watching this first dvd as we have now returned from touring with him and his beautiful redheaded wife and 92 other people for 10 days whom we love. Starting in Sharon Vermont and ending in Carthage Illinois. The trip was sacred. spiritual and unforgettable. We had no idea it was going to be as fantastic as it was. Fun for less tours is where to sign up for and I wouldn't wait. It's called the Ultimate church history tour. And that it was!

 Glen Rawson , to be with him and hear him pour his heart into the stories he tells at each and every site we were at was to be in awe. He made things so real, logical and put us there.  This man with all his passion and energy would walk down the bus isles in the morning as we were heading to our next destination and ask if we are okay, what do we need and did we have any questions. He really cared.

 You've heard of the Joseph smith papers...Glen Rawson was a seminary teacher in Idaho, I think Idaho falls. He felt the desire to quit and his wife said  no you cant do that! Had he been teaching he would not have gotten the call from Larry H. Miller to write the Joseph smith papers.

 His wife told a cute story about how she just wanted to go on a cruise. they have 7 children and she just wanted to go on a cruise. well, she ends up being a tour guide for this trip and to the Holy lands two times a year, plus other traveling. I love that story!

Just in awe at his knowledge and ability to pull it up at any time. You can ask him a persons name in history and he has a story to go with it.
The tour was 10 days , 3 of those days traveling by air the rest by 2 buses.
we would get up at 6:00 a.m. and drop into our beds around 10-11:00 p.m.
no one complained, it was too wonderful.

we were taught on the buses each day as we traveled from place to place.
we had morning devotionals.
I must tell you some bus driver stories , but that will be in the first days of our trip.
There were always tears.
And wonderful new people from all over the united states to meet.
2 young men, just new off their missions by a week were with us too, that was great!

I'll be back with more...right now, getting ready for the HOLIDAY Acorn antique show this weekend!

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