Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Historic Nauvoo. "to be beautiful" tour day 9

                                    Nauvoo temple sits upon the hill as you drive into the city.
Persident Hinckley called the time of the groundbreaking a "happy day" in Nauvoo "where it all
really began. It will have great historic significance.

This temple and the Angel Moroni face toward the Mississippi River and the West unlike all the other temples which face East. It was dedicated June 27th 2002  (note June 27th is the date Joseph and Hyrum were killed).

We had the opportunity to go through a session while here. Inside a big room is a replica of the Kirtland temple meeting room, stunning.  Our whole group had a photo at sunset. I will need to find it and put it on here. Special sacred experience to say the least.

Joseph and Emma's Mansion house
Joseph smith jr. began construction 1841 
It was used to entertain guests giving visitors free room and board. 
It became to expensive and turned it into a hotel. 
After Joseph and Hyrums death they were viewed here approx. 10,000 people.
Emma and her children lived here until 1869.
In 1918 Frederick A. Smoth, Josephs grandson deeded the Mansion to the RLDS church. 
It remains in their ownership along with the cemetary.

                                                 Beautiful fall colors tucked in everywhere.
                                          Temperatures 70's, this date was Sept. 15th 2015
                                                   Nauvoo was also named Commerce
                                           I'm only showing a few places in the historic area
                                we did have dinner buffet at the Hotel Nauvoo in town and a play.

              An example of the dishes that were used. All these pieces are broken and glued.

                                                     We didn't do this, but should have.
                                                    If your here for a short time it's ideal.

                                                                        A solomn place...

Josephs parents

                        Joseph .Emma.  Hyrum memorial. We do not believe they are buried here now.

                                      The Mississippi river would be at the edge of this photo.

                                                  This is the Browning Gun shop museum

How a log home would be constructed.
This is a replica

a common well

 Scovill bakery, showing Greg Larsen my brother in law. This was his ancestors on his mothers side.

                                 Inside the small bakery. A sister missionary is there to  tell of any stories.
                                       Many couple missionaries serving in Nauvoo are from Utah.
           The missionary couples put on a plays in the evening in the town of Nauvoo, 4 nights a week.

                                               This is the Scovill founder of the bakery.

                                                             The fireplace inside bakery
                                          Carl checked out the outhouse...yep, a two holer!

                                                                    Outside baking area
The sister missionaries bake up thousands of gingerbread boys and serve them to guests.

Cobbler shop

                                  Beautiful streets, homes and shops are not real close to each other.

Planting of the tulips...like hundreds and hundreds get planted
by a college group. They throw the colors in randomly.

 Nauvoo is really a dying town, there are under 2,000 residence and business' cannot make a go of it for long. It is however a tourist town. And in the summer very busy (humid and hot).

These are photo's just off my camera. I also took photo's with  my phone which i will need to learn to download onto the computer one day. This was day 9.

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