Monday, March 3, 2014

Where in the WORLD

 Where in the world could you be this Saturday that could be anymore fun than vintage shopping @ Vintage whites market in the  GRANDBALLROOM Salt lake city...Utah state fairgrounds. for more information. 
The building is stunning with giant crystal chandaliers, large arched windows, and a wide grand staircase. 

Last Saturday we spent a fun afternoon at the Ogden Train show with my oldest son and his two little ones. They LOVE TRAINS like their daddy and grandpa. Especially the antique trains. I'm so happy to be free with my days to come and go as I please...take a nap, work on recreating vintage pieces.

Was so SUPER excited to see the weather forcast for this
Saturday...NO RAIN or SNOW expected!
oh I love that ... don't you!

See you Saturday 10-5
Come spend the day and all your $$$
Vintage decor galore
I'm not even kidding !

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