Friday, March 14, 2014

When was the last time you were here?

 Lava Hot springs, all year except thanksgiving and Christmas day.

The pool furthest to the east is the hottest...112, yikes! The water runs under the sidewalks and dressing rooms making them toasty warm, no more freezing. The other temps a toasty 102 degrees.

Heaven & angels sings when your up to your chin in this pool! Rocks line the sides with tiny round rocks on the bottom, if you have sensitive feet wear sandals. 2.5 million gals of hot mineral spring water flows through here per day. They do not treat this water with chemicals. No smells. 

 Lava has been updated since we were last there...Looking to the furthest west is now a large mineral spring water pool the temperature of a perfect bathtub that doesn't cool down.

Makes you want to stay. relax. soak in the sunshine. forget your troubles and your aches and pains. Which I had plenty of those just coming off of the vintage whites market and nursing an annoying headcold.

   There should be a sign on the entrance...leave your problems at the door.(heard a few people venting some dumb problems...I called it "disturbing the peace"). There is plenty of room to just simply move away.  The mountains are ugly from winter, but soon will be dripping with greens. 

If it seems you could be the only ones there...I was told that bus loads could pull up, just warning you! Reservations would be necessary for the hotels/motels...not the springs.(I would not suggest tumbling waters motel across the road).

 Need to wring out your suit?

 You can take food in just nothing in glass.

 Home Hotel since 1912...has had a make-over, much needed! for all information.  Right next door to the pools. If you have a favorite place there, would love to know about it. The double bathtubs have the mineral water flowing into them also...what a bonus! 

Carl said run in and see if the old rockers are still there from 30 years ago...sure enough! Just had to tell the receptionist my NEED ICE STORY. 30 years ago we ran down to the lobby and asked where the ice machine was...the little old man and lady were so cute and accommodating...she quietly walked to her refrigerator and brought out her ice cube tray and put them in a baggie! We could never forget that one!

We made a quick vow that we would not wait 10 more years to go back. We love our new semi-freedom!

p.s...if your worried about being "too fat, too white, too many vericose veins showing, too gray, too wrinkly, in  need of a new swimsuit...don't be, there is plenty of competition in these catagories. On the other's a bit romantic with newlyweds & youth & don't be offended when suits don't meet your personal's okay, it's okay (think I heard those words on the bachelor?).

Maddox in Perry is always delicious when traveling that direction.   

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Mimi Sue said...

Well, this does look like fun! When's the best time to go? Least amount of people looking at me in a bathing suit would be best. :) So fun to see you the other day. Mimi Sue